The power of a good business interview can do a lot for your business profile.

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Most business owners talk about their business all day long with partners, staff, customers, prospects and other business owners, but rarely will they capture those conversations in a business interview so others can benefit from what has been said.

This is exactly what a great business interview does. It captures the essence of your business and positions you as an expert in your field.

So, why don’t more people do business interviews when they are so regularly sharing their advice every day to their ideal customers or clients?

Well, maybe because they didn’t think there was any reason to, for a start. Or maybe, they don’t think of themselves as the expert and authority in their niche.

This is the wrong thinking for any business owner. It is time to position yourself as you should be – and that is as the educator and advocate for the success of your prospects, customers, clients or patients.

A great business interview is a fantastic way to do that.

You see, when you are interviewed on radio, podcast, tv etc., you are positioned as the expert and authority by the host and you never have to claim that expert title yourself. Many people have imposter syndrome and don’t see themselves as the expert. But, in the eyes of your prospects, You Are The Expert.

All they want to know is if you are willing and able to solve their problem. They don’t need the BEST plumber to solve their problem. They need someone to diagnose their problem and find a solution to fix it. If that is you, then You Are The Expert in their eyes.

And that is exactly what your prospects are looking for when they are searching Google for someone to solve their problem.

Is that what they see when they search for you and your business?

Benefits of a great business interview

A great business interview has many benefits.

First, you get positioned by the host as an expert. Second, you get to share the expertise and knowledge you have. You can tell stories about what problems you have solved in the past and how it has helped people achieve the outcome they were looking for.

It is a great soundbite to share with your audience.

If the host of the radio show, podcast or tv program has a good website, your interview with them will show up when someone does a search for you and your business.

Most businesses have nothing more than their website, some social profiles and business directory listings when people search for them on Google.

What is lacking is the third party recommendations that consumers look for when deciding on a purchase. Now, the bigger the purchase, the more they are going to look into you, your company and your reputation.

What will they find?

Smart business owners know that 50% of the marketing equation is being found. But, the other 50% is getting people to choose you.

So, if you are spending thousands of dollars on SEO and PPC and direct marketing campaigns – you are doing 50% of the work. but, what are people seeing when they find you? Are you working on your positioning as the leader and expert in your niche? Would what is currently on Google when someone searches your name give confidence to your prospect that you are the educator and advocate for their success and are willing and able to solve their problem? If not, then you are missing 50% of the equation…the most important, but most overlooked part of the equation.

Are you ready to be an expert?

If you are ready to position yourself as an expert in your niche, then here is what a good business interview looks like.

First, an introduction about who you help and what outcome you help them achieve or problem you help them solve.

Second, what are the major problems your clients have.

Third, how do you solve those problems.

Fourth, what misconceptions do people have about what you do? What misinformation is out there that needs to be addressed?

Fifth, what holds people back from taking action? Why would they not buy from you? Is it price, time, not convinced it would work for them?

Finish off with a call to action to contact you and you have a great business interview.

Now an interview can be anything from a few questions to a deep discussion of individual problems.

You have a ton to talk about as you do it day to day in your business.

Take the time to seek out radio and podcast hosts and tell you business story and how you have had success helping people solve their problems.

Its what people want to hear from you, so give them what they want to put their mind at ease and make their buying decision easy.

If you would like to participate in one of my business podcasts, just hit the “Book a Consultation” button and we can get you set up.