"What You Need To Know About
GENERATING LEADS & Positioning Yourself As The EXPERT With YOUR OWN BOOK."

Lead Magnet Is The Easiest Way To Create Your Own Authority Positioning Book - Even If You're Not A Writer!

Having Your Own Book Is One Of The Most Powerful And Proven Ways To Create INSTANT CREDIBILITY, TRUST & AUTHORITY POSITIONING!

The "Ask The Expert" Book Is:

Concise & Easy To Read

Short (50-80 pages)

In Q&A Format

Customer Focused

Who Is It For?

It’s no secret expert recognition provides a strong advantage for getting the upper hand on the competition.
This is especially true for business owners in competitive fields like:

Real Estate​

Health & Wellness

Home Services






You May Be Thinking...

Am I really Qualified To Call Myself An EXPERT?

What If I'm Not A Good Writer?

Don't Books Have To Be 300-400 Pages To Be Taken Seriously?

I'm Really Busy. Will I Even Have Time To Write A Book?

How Do I Decide What My Book Should Be About?

Can I Make Money From Selling My Book?

How Can My Book Generate Referrals?

How Can I Use My Book To Get More Exposure For My Business?

How Much Does It Cost To Write And Publish A Book?

These Questions And More Are All Answered In This Short Presentation