Capturing the attention of your perfect prospect is the first and most critical part of the sales process. But, once you have captured their attention you need to develop a relationship with your prospects so they view you as the only person who cares about them who is qualified to help solve their problems.

The Dave Ramsey Effect

A great way to capture attention is by continually sharing articles and press releases on Authority platforms, starting your own podcast and becoming a Best Selling Author in your area of expertise. By doing this, you become the leading Authority on your subject matter creating what I call the "Dave Ramsey Effect".

*Dave Ramsey is the leading authority in one specific area of the financial market. He exclusively helps people get out of debt. He shares his knowledge through his business podcast, his Financial Peace programs, Best Selling Books, videos, articles and more. He has become the go to by positioning himself as the educator and advocate for the success of his clients and YOU have the ability to do the same in your particular area of expertise.

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