Becoming a Best Selling Author in your specialized area of expertise is perhaps the highest form of authority and credibility available to business professionals. This is a title reserved for a minute percentage of people who want to set themselves apart from the competition.

What happens when you are a Best Selling Author?

  • You will be seen as the stand out leader in your market because of your outstanding achievement
  • Getting media appearances on local or national TV, Radio, podcasts etc. become a regular occurrence
  • People value your advice and opinions and actually put it to use
  • You can charge more for your products and services
  • You get invited to collaborate with other leaders and mastermind with other successful businessmen and businesswomen.

How will being a bestseller help your achieve success?

When you become a best selling author you will use that title forever. Use it in your bios and introductions for any marketing or media appearances you do in the future

The Authority Architect has helped over 1000 business professionals and entrepreneurs achieve Best Seller status using a systematic campaign that has delivered 100% of the time the title of Best Selling Author

It takes applied knowledge and a system that has worked 100% of the time to optimize your campaign and have your book appear at the top of the Best Seller List, so you can get the Authority, Credibility and Trust you deserve.

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What is the value of being a best selling author?

Business professionals have put such a high value on the title of best selling author that many are willing to pay huge sums for that recognition.
This is common practice even for the New York Times best seller list

Let’s look at the numbers:
9000(per week) to hit best seller list x $20(per book) = $180,000
Add in the price for a service to organize that for you and you are in the region of $220,000-$250,000. Yet, there are still people who pay this on a regular basis and have done so for many years.

The advantage with Amazon is that you can perform this same campaign for far less and still claim Best Selling Author.

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