We live in a world of content overload which makes capturing a potential customer’s attention more challenging than ever. To succeed, you must create content that stands out in people’s newsfeeds and inboxes.

One way to do that is by using Authority platforms that already capture the attention of people's eye as they scroll. Some of the most recognizable icons are those of news sites like ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox News. These are icons that people have been used to seeing for decades and give Authority, Credibility, and Trust whether they consciously know it or not.

You Have Become The Authority!

One of the greatest benefits of appearing on new sites like ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox is that you can use their logos on your website as Trust Triggers to instantly capture people's attention and build trust and inspire confidence.

Authority Positioning

This kind of authority positioning is exactly what your perfect prospects want to see and can increase conversions for your products and services.  Prospects are even willing to pay more money to work with you because they view you as the authority and leader in your field.

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