Podcasts are a great way to capture content for your business, but just recording a podcast and uploading it to your site is not going to bring much traffic. You need Podcast Marketing!

Podcasts need good marketing to get the traffic you need to grow your audience.

There are many ways to market your podcast episodes, but we have designed a system to not only get traffic to your podcast, but to help you rank for your important keywords too.

How To Market Your Podcast

The great thing about podcasts is they are evergreen content and naturally, you can create pretty good targeted posts with the content you capture on audio.

In our podcast marketing campaign, we take the audio and transcribe and edit it so we can use it on your website as well as create content for offsite content.

Once you have a page on your website that hosts your podcast, it is important to drive traffic to the page as well as links.

We have mastered this process using top quality websites and news release syndication to make sure Google sees your new website post, recognizes that it is getting traffic and links, and ranks it accordingly.

Podcast Marketing System

1. Audio recording uploaded to high traffic and domain authority website.

Podcast Hosting platform

2. Podcast Syndication to some of the webs top trafficked sites

Podcast Audio Distribution

3. Podcast Transcription on Business Innovators Magazine

Article from Podcast

4. Article on Small Business Trendsetters

Article from Podcast episode

5. News release on Authority Presswire

Podcast Newswire

6. News Release Distribution on Top News Sites

Podcast News release Distribution

7. Use Authority Logos As “Trust Triggers” on your website.

Podcast Authority marketing

Podcast Marketing done right can really position you as the expert in your industry and create a ton of content for your website. It also creates the backlinks needed to have each individual post rank well on the search engine results.

The Outcome…

Control what people see when they search for you online with quality content on high authority third party domains.

To find out more about Podcast Marketing Services or to create your own podcast, book a consultation now.