Local SEO Booster is a full third of the ranking algorithm you are missing.

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LOCAL SEO BOOSTER Gets You More Traffic, Leads & Sales from your website

Just $150 /per month
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You Must Qualify
To Receive This Offer…

Before accepting your order we must evaluate your website to see if it qualifies for this service.

Sorry, but we simply will not take
on clients we can not help.

But at least you will get some top quality
advice in the case that you don’t qualify.

Top Reasons for not qualifying:

  1. Thin Content Sites
  2. Poorly Configured Sites
  3. Sites with no ability to convert
  4. Your website must have a minimum of these pages to rank on Google:
  5.  Home page
  6.  About us
  7.  Contact us
  8.  Content #1 (500+ words)
  9.  Content #2 (500+ words)
  10.  Content #3 (500+ words)
  11. Terms & Conditions
  12. Privacy Policy

The process is simple, once we see that your site qualifies for the SEO Boost service, we…..

  1. Send you a link to download an app from the Android store. Once installed we issue you with a code.
  2. The Android device must stay connected to your wifi
  3. We then ask you to download this app “No screen off” this keeps your phone from sleeping.
  4. You choose 5 well thought out keywords like service/town.
  5. The app will then use those keywords and search Google up to 500 times per month for your service in the chosen area. If your site is not found it will go directly to your website, crawl it, end on the contact page and then close the search. This is a signal to Google that your website is the relevant answer to the search, thus increasing your ranking. It’s important to note that each device searches 250 times pm, so two devices will give you a full 500 searches pm.

Next Step

Contact us at Neil@TheAuthorityArchitect.com as we are sure you will have questions.

We will need your 5 keywords, your website address, your full address. Finally, you will need to set up a recurring order for $150/Month.

Any old Android Smart Phone will do to run the app. Alternatively, you can buy a cheap phone online or on FB marketplace. No sim of cell service needed. Just wifi.

So, to recap the 3 steps to rank your website

1. Onsite SEO

2. Offsite SEO

3. Good user experience (our app) 

Contact Neil@TheAuthorityArchitect.com  Call (404) 428-1399 leave a message.

If you have stalled in your SEO rankings, then you need SEO Boost. It is a full third of the ranking equation you are missing.

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